Thursday, February 09, 2006

NATO Transformation

I stumbled across this article from Reuters about NATO's Response Force[NRF] having growing pains and trouble with direction. It was the last paragraph that really caught my attention.

NATO defence ministers will also meet counterparts from six Mediterranean Arab states and Israel on Friday for the first time. The long-scheduled meeting is due to focus on defence cooperation but officials said they would clearly also discuss the controversy over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.

Could this long planned meeting lead to a moderate Arab bloc, with NATO and Israeli links, to counter-balance the out of control countries of Syria and Iran? That would be very welcome news. Would be even more welcome if some progress is made in regards to the Cartoon Jihad that continues to claim lives and bring countries to the brink of war.


Anonymous said...

With our modern PC thought processes, the meeting is probably to beg the forgiveness of the poor maligned Arabs. And Anna, do you actually believe that there is a "moderate Arab block", especially where Israel is concerned?

Anna said...

Well there I was evincing just a smidgen of hope and here comes AndyJ to smash Pandora's box with the mallet of reality. ^_^;

If we automatically assume everyone on the other side is hostile then no there will be no moderates. We have to be percepctive and discern who could live with Israel and who can not. Jordan has been doing a good job of minding its business ever since the 1967 War.

Anonymous said...

Anna, there can be no moderates to the true believers. What is the tenent of Islam? The infidel and the whole world must either be converted to Islam, or be enslaved and pay the tax to Islam, or be killed. Doesn't leave much wiggle room for the true believer, or us infidels

Mike's America said...

I've been a sometime student of NATO for a good many years. And nearly every time we set some minimal benchmark for them, we are disappointed.

I hope I am not disappointed this time, but I am not holding my breath.

Anna said...

I know there is little hope but got to keep trying. Jaw and keep jawing until the lunatics are shoved to the margins. As Nouri posts on Myrtus' blog, it looks like Rumsfeld is doing such in places like Algeria.