Sunday, February 05, 2006

Delicious Writing

Sometimes a writer will bat out a line or a phrase that sounds good but when others read it the first time, it is all they can do to stop from laughing to death.

I decided to take a break from all the Cartoon War reporting to go skimming and I stumbled across, of all things, a restaurant review in Australia. Lo and behold I did find such a phrase; it is so matter of fact while conjuring up the image that it struck me as some darn funny writing.

We order a prawn and octopus salad, sushi, breaded prawns, meat balls and slices of grilled beef tongue. The only real letdown is the tongue. As I pop a slice in my mouth, Popsi points out that it is the only muscle in the body that gets stronger with age. If true, then this one came from a 92-year-old cow who could talk the hind legs off a donkey. Perhaps some thinner slicing might help. Either that or I need new teeth.

Luckily this is not a fluke for later he strikes another funny chord when describing how Popsi reacts to some very good sushi.

Popsi, who is our resident sushi fiend, approves by nodding and rolling her eyes. With a mouth full of rice and raw fish this is not a pretty sight but you get her drift.

As for the decor, I have to agree that would make me a bit nervous if what the illustrator drew is truly representative of what is on the wall in that restaurant. Though I do know one bunny who would not be afraid, Bun-Bun. He would probably serve the sushi chef up in rice and fish skin if someone came after him to cook. Oh man, thinking of Yosemite Sam trying to cook hassenpfeffer and instead of Bugs Bunny, he has to deal with Bun-Bun. How's your health plan Sam?

On second thought, I really need to get to bed. Oyasumi.


Myrtus said...

hahahaha Thanks Anna, we do need a few laughs away from those damned toons. (:

Anonymous said...

This whole cartoon fiasco begs one question of the rioting Muslims....... If it is against your religion to have a picture of the Prophet Muhammad, then how in the hell do you know that the cartoons are of him?? You ignorant twits, they could be pictures of ANY Muslim man couldn't they, since you have never seen pictures of your prophet.


Myrtus said...

That's right Andy, I was actually thinking the same thing. I was trying to post that cartoon with the bomb in the turban and say something like heya brothers and sisters, don't believe a word they say. This is not Mohammed, I swear they didn't use bombs in his time.... relax everybody, it's just my uncle Buck goofing around!
But I couldn't figure out how to copy the image without stealing somebody else's bandwith, I'm still trying to figure out how to do it on typepad. Actually I just now figured out how to steal images from other sites....by dragging the image onto the post. That's what I did with Mount Forgiveness. Sighh may God forgive me. I know stealing bandwith is bad, but I took it from AOL, I don't think they mind and besides, I pay them a monthly fee, so I might as well get something out of it...bla bla bla Sheeeh damn guilt feelings! Stop it, Andy! (:
Anyway, like so many people noted already, the cartoons were published last year, so how come the riots didn't break out then? That's why I say blame it on the Saudis for opening the nasty can of worms all of a sudden. It just goes to show you how much religious pull they have on the Muslim masses, but they refuse to put it to good use and stop the violent Islamists. They choose to feed the violent hatred instead. Sure it was insulting to mock his holiness Mohammed, but most Muslims wouldn't even have known about the cartoons and would probably never have felt the insult IF IT WEREN"T FOR THE DAMN SAUDIS! No I don't have anything against the Saudi people, just their filthy government.

Hey Andy, I posted this reply to you on my blog too, so we can have the same conversation twice in two different places. Is that cool? (;

Anonymous said...

Myrtus-Wow, as the old Wrigley Chewing Gum commercial says...........double your pleasure, double your fun


Myrtus said...

hehehe You're damn right, Andy. This Muslim here would rather blow empty bubbles and shoot blanks in cyberspace than cast a stone at someone who's different. Although shoving a smart bomb up some Islamist ass would be very tempting.......actually that WOULD double my pleasure fer sure. (;

Anna said...

Oh my..... would Myrtus fly 10,000 miles to smoke a nutjob with a Hellfire? I think this answers that question. And you can blow bubbles or steal bandwidth on this site anytime you want.

What it boils downto as Myrtus says and so do other bloggers, its all about worldly politics and not religion. And I have alluded to, this is akin to Garibaldi's waving of the bloody shirt to enrage the crowd. This furor keeps the Muslim faithful distracted from important things like Syria trying to stave off sanctions and Iran trying to build a nuclear bomb without being bombed in turn. And the Saudis are tossing money at the PA just to keep their radicals placated and the cartoons help keep their citizens distracted from the inherent weakness of the House of Saud.

And I really doubt I will write any more on that squad since the violence is spiraling out of control everywhere faster than I can think of scenrios to write down.