Friday, January 13, 2006

Suppose they gave a lynching and no one came.

Cue up 'Twillight Zone' by Golden Earring, perfect song for this post.

This week we saw the Senatorial version of Hedley Lamarr with sidekick Taggart inaction. From Ted Kennedy's inarticulate rants based on inebriated thoughts against Alito that finally got on Spectre's nerves to an almost enmasse boycott of these important hearings [at least that is how the Democrats have always portrayed this Senatorial consent for Supreme Court nominations] when Alito's fellow judges showed up to defend him in front of the committee. Even the ABA gives Alito high marks, but can we discern any of this from those august Democrats who were grilling Alito like this was the Inquisition? No. We have truly seen the naked truth this week, Democrats like Kennedy and Schumer are political apparatchiks who's sole compass in this world is not right or wrong but politics and they care not one whit about whom they destroy in their chimerical quest for political power.


DL said...

The side show last week was like a peak into the workings of hell. There was nothing but the vilest self - serving evil and hatred available to their limited liberal minds. What hurt them mostly was the stark contrast between the goodness of Alito and his caring wife and themselves. Like mud being thrown on snow -people saw the destructiveness of the Democrats at its worse.

Anna said...

Dante's Inferno is better organized than the Congressional democratic Caucus. American citizens got to see how truly ugly these Democratic heros are with this spectacle.