Sunday, January 22, 2006

Pakistan bombing update

I need to revisit the Zawahiri post since there have been developments of a sort. Alas Zawahiri still appears to be among the furtive breathing scum like Osama but the jury is still out. Amazing how fast we heard a tape from Osama after this strike, perhaps Osama bint Laden thought his main lieutenant had actually shuffled off this mortal coil to receive his just rewards.

As I said the jury is still out on who exactly died in the missile strike since surviving AQ henchmen whisked away the bodies of some top operatives before the scene could be secured. What is known is AQ's master bomb maker was in that house and for once it was not one of his toys that brought down the house. But he did get to relish another explosion before his lease on life expired courtesy of the United States which probably spoiled things for him. Too bad, not.

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