Monday, January 23, 2006

Den of thieves

No, I am not talking about Saddam Hussein and his 24-karat palaces. I am talking about the UN, again. Those Useless Nitwits are very talented in the field of kleptomania but not in the field of not getting caught with both sticky hands in the till.

There has been an audit of peacekeeping funding and things do not look good.

"The potential abuse could go into the tens of millions of dollars." Christopher Burnham, the U.N. undersecretary-general for management, said. "It could go higher than that but we are in the middle of looking at 200 different reports of abuse."

The embezzlement cost could go higher, oh my what a shocker. Luckily the two top administrators are on administrative leave along with six others. Hopefully they will avoid elevator shafts and extreme skydiving among other high risk endeavours like walking on a sidewalk until this is settled. And if the UN is lucky they won't jet off to Brazil and shack up with a local girl to avoid extradition while enjoying Carnival in Rio.

This is not really news, even before Oil for Food[OFF - talk about a correct acronym]. President Reagan tried to put the UN on a bugetary diet and force fiscal controls, but it never stuck because others including the UN bureacracy did not think they needed reform. But maybe since any squirming fish caught in this net are supposed to be turned over to US authorities for prosecution we can finally see some reform in that white elephant on Turtle Bay. I guess this proves I am still optimist. ^_^

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