Sunday, December 04, 2005

Women martyrs' rewards

Considering that fundamentalist patriarchial male Islamic nutjobs when they go *boom* get 72 houris in the afterlife, what women suiciders get is much better compensation.

Thauria Hamur, a 26-year-old captured by the Israelis before she could set off a bomb in May 2002, told NEWSWEEK in a prison interview that women martyrs would "become the purest and most beautiful form of angel at the highest level possible in heaven."

Hey am all for that. Means for once the women of Islam are no longer treated as the property of men and forced to wear the all encompassing burkqa or just the veil.

Now to be more serious, after reading this Newsweek article on female bombers along with pondering what drove Muriel Degauque to blowing herself up on November 9th, 2005; it is hard not to conclude the culture that has produced such kamikazes is a disease itself. Human beings are just pawns to be used in a strategy to turn the world's culture clock back to the 8th century Anno Domini[what is that in the Islamic calendar?]. And women are no different, except by their use these mad men goad more men into being holy warriors least their manhood be called into doubt, in this regard as they die to push back that clock to deny Muriel all the freedoms she once took for granted and hence for women in general. Judging by Atta's last will&testament he had some issues there; wonder if the CIA has sent any women to visit his grave yet?

As for Muriel Degauque, she is perhaps the changing face of Islamic terror. When a nation/culture stops thinking of itself in a good light and passes this doubt onto its citizens through various organs of instruction[ be it parents, school, media, etc] without a viable alternative, it will naturally leave the people in a rudderless state of anxiety searching for an answer. Did this have an impact on Muriel? I do not know, though it seems she lead an unguided rebellious life until she encountered Islamic men and they set her on her path to detonation.

We all should be thankful that the first Western female suicide bomber blew herself up in Iraq and not in a place like Brugge, Belgium. Instead Muriel and her husband were drawn to Iraq to fight the infidels there and that is where they died.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the women's paradise is that they don't have to put up with the misogynistic Muslim males. After their life on earth, that would be pure paradise I would venture. Or better yet, maybe Allah is a woman and the roles reverse in paradise.

Anonymous said...

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Anna said...

Well looking at this site on Islam. If women martyrs become the purest angels, then once again women are lower than men.

"But in spite of this they are--as a species--in a lower degree than the human species, and this is symbolized in the fact that when Adam was created they were ordered to prostrate themselves before him as a sign of greeting and respect." -- Isra, XVII:70


Aint that a cheery thought?