Thursday, December 22, 2005

Perfect Present for Iran's President

Since the President of Russia, Vladamir Putin, is so chumy with Iran what with selling a billion dollars of arms to Iran. I think I know the perfect gift Putin could give the Iranian President.

His own flight up to the International Space Station aboard a specially equipped Soyuz T-1M. Since he is such an important person and Russia has flawless automated systems, he could fly up by himself. Then dock and visit with the station crew. Then undock and safely return to Earth. What a wonderful gift to inflate such a self-important ego don't you think?

Of course amidst the special modifications to this capsule like gold plating the acceleration couch, besides labeling all the guages in Arabic and putting Koranic verses in the odd spots of open pressure hull, there would be other modifications. Like accidentally lableing in reverse the fuel quantity for the reaction thrusters so when empty they read full. Also accidentally forget to fully fill the oxygen tanks and who could tell with all those Arabic letters? Or import from that NASA Mars probe its metric to English measurements conversion problem.

As I said the perfect gift for the power mad Iranian who wants to be a made nuclear man.

"Major Tom to ground control...."


Myrtus said...

hahah sounds like a great plan! I think the writing should be in Hebrew though.

Anna said...

Oh my, something like 'Hugs and kisses from the Mossad?'