Friday, December 09, 2005

Dr. Dean, Reality Line One

I can hear another scream coming from Dean as he reads the latest news out of Iraq.

The Butcher of Ramadi has been turned in by local Iraqis. I repeat he has been turned in by locals.

To put an even finer point on things. Classic insurgency warfare depends upon the locals at worse being neutral and at best being supportive for the insurgents to win. When the locals start turning in the insurgetns, the struggle is over as they, the insurgents, find themselves like catfish caught in the shallows as the sun rises to its zenith. They may try to flop and wiggle to get back to the deeper waters, but the sun will dry those shallows into ever smaller ponds which will make fishing for catfish that much easier.

And next week the Iraqis have another big election. Good luck and best speed to all in Iraq.

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