Tuesday, November 08, 2005

You know the joke...

"What do you call a thousand dead lawyers? A good start."

Well in Iraq for Saddam Hussein's defense team, it is becoming reality.

As someone for the rule of law and justice, this is not helping stabilize Iraq. The Machiavellian in me is wondering if some Ba'athist or Iranian puppet is killing the lawyers just to fan the flames of Sunni/Shi'a conflict. While another part is wondering if this is just karmic payback for the thousands of people Saddam Hussein and his henchmen had tortured and executed; that is a real problem in figuring out who is really doing this, there is a plethora of suspects from any small farmer to the mullahs in Tehran. Don't think Perry Mason, Mrs. Marple, or Hercules Poirot would be able to figure it out unless the killers are caught in the act.

Some advice to the lawyers who are sticking with it, hire some Swiss bodyguards ASAP if you keep refusing security from the Iraqi Interior Ministry. Plus work on your English skills if you insist on issuing statements like this:
The defense lawyers cannot continue their visits because of the increased threats and with the serious deterioration in violence.

I think that should read 'and with a serious deterioration in the situation.' Because if there has been a deterioration in the violence then it means the violence has lessened n'est ce pas?

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