Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Es tu France?

Dear Sen. John Kerry, that knife in your back is from your franternal allies in France. This has got to hurt the raving moonbats of the Democratic Party.

France is telling the United States that it needs to stay the course in Iraq. To withdraw on a timetable is to invite instability for the whole region. The withdrawl must be based on conditions.

Go read the whole article: France warns against hasty pullout.

I like the last part of the article.

"We have to face the situation as it is, and it is the responsibility of all the international community to help the process, to make sure that we go forward all together." - French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin

To be very partisan I read this as being, since the Americans seem to be winning it is time for France to hop on the band-wagon and help celebrate the victory.


Anonymous said...

Really, is it just me or has this world gone stark raving mad?????


Anna said...

France is just looking after itself, as usual. Ben Franklin had to schmooze them into supporting the US's revolution against Britain. The US acted as auxiliaries to French forces in yet another stupid war between Britain and France.

Which is why one can not trust the French to do the right thing, unless their private parts are in a vise.

Myrtus said...

I agree with you Anna. The French are so messed up now they know full well that only America can bail them out, so what do they do? If they had any pride they would just swallow it like they swallow everything else and come right out asking for help. But NOOO, once again they chose to opt for the two-faced approach and maybe some fame and glory on America's back. The Arabs aint gonna like this one bit, watch out for some more fireworks on the streets of Pareee.

Anna said...

I know Myrtus it seems France is doomed. And perhaps all this is a play by France to get some help. Though considering how insular the French really are, I think de Villipen is merely aiming for some of Skorzy's possible voters in the upcoming election.