Sunday, November 13, 2005

Does Appeasement Work?

With two current pieces of evidence, the unequivocal answer is: NO.

First there is France and almost three weeks of nationwide riots. After thirty plus years of allowing African-Islamic immigrants to come, to work, to settle in 'sink estates', and their descendants to settle down to accept government handouts without assimilating makes a stark example. It is going on one week since de Villipan offered more teachers and more money to the sink estate residents and they are still rioting. France's stand on OIF in this case is not germaine since this is a problem France allowed to happen over two generations.

Second example is Al Qaeda's videotape on Al-Jazeera calling England's Queen Elizabeth II one of their greatest enemies. Which prompts me to ask Prince Charles if he is going to continue to prattle about understanding and approachment with thugs who want his mother dead. Did he make these kind of silly statements while those murderous IRA buggers were killing some of the Queen's calvary in downtown London while trying to kill the Queen?

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