Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wilma ahoy!

Wow, what a day makes since my Tuesday night commentary on Wilma. Overnight it had zoomed to 175mph winds and Category 5 status with the lowest central pressure on record and a very tight eyewall diameter of 15 miles. Now as it bears down on the Yucatan Peninsula the storm's winds have fallen downto 150mph while its central pressure has gone up to 906mb.

Right now forecasters are making noises of a cold front pushing down from Canada and across the central US to have an impact upon Wilma's course. I notice as Wilma's strength waned, its speed has increased from 7mph to 8mph. And a low pressure system[ 1008mb] that had appeared in central Mexico on Wednesday has displaced the higher pressure system [1018mb]that was keeping Wilma penned in on that side. So the 1pm Saturday landfall in Yucatan Peninsula just might be where Wilma comes ashore and stays ashore or flows into the Bay of Campeche, powers up a bit, and hits the Mexican/Texas coast.

So stay tuned.

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