Tuesday, September 06, 2005

SITREP - Katrina

Am alive so thou needn't worry more. Sneaking in some blogging time so it will be quick. Busy supporting the efforts in the devestated areas.

Talked with parents on phone last night. They are down on the coast where they have weathered every hurricane from Camille to present day Katrina. They say Katrina was far worse than Camille was. They also got power back yesterday. So I asked them how long it took to restore power after Camille, they said two to three weeks. Think on that, with far more population and far more damage it took less time to get power back after Katrina than it did after Camille.

As for Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans. The dead of New Orleans' blood is on your hands. You sir from this day forward I shall call Ragin' Nagin, the Killer Cajun. With apologies to the true Accadians.


Myrtus said...

Hi Anna, so good to see you back. Thank God you're OK,I was so worried about you!

Anna said...

I am doing all right. Though things just got more grim for N'awlins. E.coli is breaking out.

How are things with you?

The MaryHunter said...

Yes, glad you're back, and that the folks are doing alright. I grew up in California and my folks are still there, braving the earthquakes. That's the only real comparision I have to hurricane devastation... even here in Maryland, we've been lucky and rarely get hit with a big one.

Re the NO mayor -- soon to be former mayor, I'd say.

RightWingRocker said...

Welcome back, Anna.

We've all been pulling for you.

Stop by and cluebat a few commies when you get the chance, ok?


Anna said...

The Maryhunter, thanks. I do find Nagin amusing on occasion, especially when he is trying to save his own skin while tossing Governor Blanco to the alligators. Nagin 'abdicate the chain of command' is a doozy, when was Nagin King Nagin? If he was, then Shah Mat; the king is ambushed.

And RWR, will strive mightily once I feel up to it. Take care.