Friday, September 23, 2005

NPR has the Katrina Watergate tapes

Please go to this link over at NPR and click on the Listen button at the top. I hope someone secures the original tapes for later investigation. And I want to see the transcripts.

Governor Blanco on the Saturday afternoon before landfall on a conference call saying they should not warn people to evacuate but have their churches next Sunday morning tell the people to go home, pack, and flee. I am totally boggled at her cluelessness, her complete lack of sense of urgency. Instead of using radio and TV along with police going house to house, hope all the people will goto church and then be told. And this person is a governor?

Col. Jeff Smith telling people to send up their requests via computer and FEMA would respond. Right..... use a computer and high-speed connection after the power failed. Did no one think of alternate means of communications? Like carrier pigeons?

The missing FEMA gen-packs that last year's Hurricane Pam simulation had already brought to light. That lack of sense of urgency thing again I bet or did the local FEMA directors who are under indictment swindle the money that was supposed to get the gen-packs?

You know what, there is enough feces to cover all of New Orleans.

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