Saturday, September 10, 2005

Brothers in deed.

Found this link courtesy of LittleGreenFootballs.

I am truly and deeply touched by this act from these brave Iraqis towards those recovering from the ravages of Katrina. Thank you very much and may all of you be blessed a thousand fold.

I observe from FoxNews they are still pulling stranded suvivors out of New Orleans alive. That is very good news. What I find ludicrous is the Tourism Commission vowing to conduct a Mardi Gras next February along with wanting a Super Bowl and dreams of enticing one of the national parties to New Orleans for a 2008 Presidential convention. If draining New Orleans is going to take over a month followed by clean-up efforts, talk of a Mardi Gras even 10% like previous ones is just insane; sure the Krewes might do small Balls with small parades just to ensure they are alive, but nothing grandiose because the city will still be cleaning-up, in mourning for the dead, and wracked by political in-fighting. As for the Super Bowl, wither the Superdome which now resembles the Flavian Ampitheatre in condition? And a national party convention in 2008, I guess it all depends upon who is in jail due to pre-Katrina screw-ups and whether New Orleans will even be in the same spot.

Meanwhile on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, clean up efforts continue. The Waveland area bore the brunt of the storm fury, there is still very little infrastructure there. Two days ago, a 500 bed hospital was dispatched to the area that was fully self-contained. Phones are still iffy from Hattiesburg south, good chance of calling them but them calling you is not so good, while cell-phone coverage is pretty non-existant. A Mississippi Army National Guard unit returned from annual training in Germany early and was immediately dispatched to Pascagoula where the unit was stationed to assist in the clean-up. Meanwhile units from Delaware, Iowa, Alabama, Florida, Nevada, and elsewhere assist in the clean-up and rescue efforts across all of the devastated areas including New Orleans.

There is still way too much to do and I am thankful my damage was limited to just some spoiled food and to a storage building. Do what you can in any way you can to assist those truly in need, please do this now.


RightWingRocker said...

I dunno, Anna.

When they're motivated, ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things.

Remember, in 1960 people said we couldn't get to the moon, let alone in 10 years. We did it in 9.

If the people of New Orleans really want these things, you can bet they'll come together and make them happen.

Just you wait and see.


Anna said...

They will rebuild quicker if the divide and conquer game of race politics is banished. But we are talking the Big Easy where corruption is part of the local flavor so I have low expectations. I hope I am completely wrong.