Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Why Pat Matters

I am somewhat dismayed at the right to middle parts of the blogsphere and their take on this matter. They are blowing off Pat Robertson’s call on agents of the US to kill President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

Lets think on that shall we? The smiling, affable seeming person who hosts that Christian show ‘700 Club’ calling for someone’s murder. I must congratulate Mr. Robertson, he issued a Christian fatwa. What a wonderful idea, not.

I do not see a problem with President Bush, Secretary Rumsfeld, and the State Department treating his statement as if it was radioactive because Robertson’s statement is radioactive.

If we, those trying to keep Iraq and Afghanistan free, are going to call on the followers of the Prophet to marginalize the fanatics in their midst; just for the sake of consistency we must cast out those who do not represent the mainstream of the Christian faith. And Pat with this statement went beyond the pale.


Van Helsing said...

Robertson is the face the media would like to put on the Republican party. This is the only reason his irresponsible remarks are considered newsworthy.

Anna said...

Oh yes, the MSM have blown it out of proportion. But my gripe is Robertson thinking his words would have no weight. The only person for whom words have no weight is a congenital liar in my opinion.

At least Robertson had enough decency to back pedal and apologize. Now if certain congenital liars on the liberal side who infest the Senate would learn how to come clean.

RightWingRocker said...

Yeah, Anna, and their husbands who served in the White House.