Friday, July 01, 2005

The Madness Season

Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor [first female justice appointed, Reagan appointee, swing vote on many issues from abortion to the recent Kelo case] has announced she will retire before the court reconvenes or when President Bush's nominee is approved.

The Democrats in the Senate are going to go ballistic. No matter how well qualified the nominee President Bush presents they will find some reason to oppose the person. One just has to look at the Bolton travesty to realize that. Some Senators were voting no on Bolton because ten years ago he was mean to a staffer. Meanwhile the halls of the Senate are trodden by a man who drove his car off a bridge and let a female passenger drown while he debated how to spin things to save his career. And instead of distancing themselves from this abomination, this man has been present at such Supreme Court nominations as Clarence Thomas'. The Democratic Party has no moral high ground to castigate any nominee from as long as that murderer walks the halls of the Senate and takes a seat in the chamber.

But the sad thing is, the Democrats will oppose. No they will filibuster. They will set about assassinating the character of anyone President Bush selects because they fear, oh how they fear, their slide to irrelevancy will be complete once President Bush is allowed to put on the Supreme Court justices who believe that the Constitution does not need 'interpretation in accordance with international law' or that the secularly sacred document is in fact a 'living' document that must adapt as justices see fit. Both of these conceits are wrong for they grant judges the power of fiat and strip from the voting citizens of the United States their inalienable right to select the government and laws they want. And it has been only because of judicial fiat that the communists of the Democratic Party has been able to push forward their agenda for America because a clear majority of voters have proven time and again to be innately suspicious of any dimmutation of their rights and responsibilities.

So now after fifty plus years of progressive judges is things swinging through the other arc of the pendulum, the swing to the other side. And the power brokers of the Democratic Party are seeing their cherished dreams slip through their grasping fingers like grains of sand. So expect a very nasty and tumultuous summer as the Democratic Party engages in a scorched earth policy that will see one victor emerge. And if Sen. Frist and President Bush stay resolute, the victor will not be the oligarchs of the Democratic Party but the free citizens of the United States.

Everyone had better contact their Senators and tell them post haste what you feel about the upcoming confrontation that may become the Meggidio of the Democratic Party.

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