Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I weep tears of grief and rage

There was Ma'alot and many did not believe how evil these monsters were. Then there was Beslan and still some could not believe the vileness of the attackers.

Today in Baghdad we yet again receive proof these killers serve Iblis and deserve to be sent to Shaitan. The crime these twenty-four children committed was to gather around an American vehicle where the soldiers were warning the citizens there might be a car bomb in the neighborhood while giving the children candy. They were giving children candy, just like their grandfathers did when rolling across Germany defeating Hitler's evil ideology. And this suicide bomber in a car did show up and detonate; murdering twenty-four children, killing one American soldier, wounding eighteen more children, and two American soldiers.

Twenty-four children with futures destroyed and eighteen more who lives hang in the balance. How much longer must we suffer this evil that considers children fair targets? And anyone who tries to justify the attack by saying the nutjob suicide bomber was going for the Americans is just as evil as if they pressed the button that detonated the explosives.

At least the IRA apologized when its bomb attacks killed children, as much as you may wanted to believe those murdering sods. Do these butchers who say they serve Islam apologize for killing children? The silence I hear is proof enough they do not. Speak up you 'silent' Muslims and denounce these monsters.


RightWingRocker said...

To terrorists, children killed during such heinous acts are known as "collateral damage".



Anna said...

Pretty warped view that proves how little milk of human kindness they have.