Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Quick Note - Watergate

While waiting to learn how the Netherlands voted in their referendum on the EU constitution decided I should comment on the Watergate revelations.

Woodward&Bernstein's special anonymous source Deep Throat has finally been unmasked. A source who's codename was guaranteed to grab attention while conjuring visions of Linda Lovelace to boys' minds even as Nixon's lieutenants hunted for the source.

So who is the mysterious source? Why J. Edgar Hoover's number two guy W. Mark Felt. He is now over 90 years of age and it has been 30-plus years since Deep Throat helped destroy the Nixon Administration and sent men to prison.

Why reveal yourself now? As I said it is thirty years later. The statue of limitation for say obstruction of justice expired over twenty years ago. Can it be that W. Mark Felt, who saw Hoover's job be given to others while he stayed as number two, sought before his death one last hurrah, one more grab at the brass ring on the carousel of life to prove to his ego that he made a difference?

Only history will be able to make any judgments on that while everyone else who was suspected of being Deep Throat can breath a sigh of relief as they are exonerated.


RightWingRocker said...

Bottom line, Anna ...

It's 30 years later. No one really gives a crap who Deep Throat was.

Frankly, I'm more interested in Linda Lovelace.


Anna said...


Don't go behind the green door or you will go blind!

Exactly, its 30 years later. Nixon is dead and others who were caught up in it had made new lives. And now Herr Felt uberrat with media help reopens things.

Pause. Think reading too much in it. Will the media run with all this Deep Throat nostalgia hoping perhaps by beating the tin drum they can start conjuring parallels between Nixon and the sitting President?

Apparently Herr Fink err Felt needs the money so he came forward according to Fox News.

I guess we shall see what develops.