Thursday, June 16, 2005

Playing catch up, this is a grab bag post.

Sorry for the lack of posting, but computer is still in a fragile state.

Mark. Be a good person and actually read my previous posts. I had commented, in a summary way I admit, that the people of Europe had many reasons to distrust the proposed European Constitution and hence vote no. Now begone.

Dear Senator Durbin. I admit your hyperbole on the Senate floor likening Guantanamo Bay to the German National Socialist movement and the Soviets' gulag system has certainly gotten people's attention. However I really think you shot yourself in both feet with this polemic attack. It certainly plays well towards a hardcore base like Daily Kos. But by its very use of concentration camps, gulags, and the Killing Fields of Pol Pot's communist minions your speech splits away from your constituency the more moderate people who hold all those atrocities to be beyond the pale and not equivalent with Guantanamo Bay.

Interesting factoid from Fox News Brit Hume segment tonight, in a poll 75% of those interviewed thought it would be impossible for an American to receive a Bible in an Islamic prison.

To those 'esteemed' members of Congress who are braying for our troops to pull out on a time-table, got just one thing to ask. Did 'home for Christmas' work for General Douglas Macarthur and the UN troops in Korea? Nope, not at all as the Peoples Republic of China launched human wave attacks thus prolonging the war for two more years. Setting timetables for withdrawal while still fighting a war is a certified way of losing the war because the bad guys just have to sit tight, wait for you to leave, and then take the whole place over; case in point South VietNam. Your strategy sirs is a recipe for defeat.

Now on to archeology, anthropology, Egyptology, and a follower of the Black Athena meme. Tutankhamun, boy pharaoh of Egypt, is once again touring the United States. First stop is California. And naturally someone has to complain. It seems someone is threatening to go to the NAACP because a bust of the dead boy pharaoh is too white. That is right, too white. This bust, it must be noted was commissioned by the National Geographic Society[ The site starts with a nice side profile of the boy pharaoh Tutankhamun.] with the cooperation of the Egyptian Antiquities Service which allowed a re-examination of Tutankhamun's mummy recently. I must explain to this ignorant protestor that the dynasties were pre-dominantly lighter-skinned Semitic people and were later followed by Greek pharaohs, only rarely did someone from Nubia rise to any kind of power in Egypt. One just has to look at how the Egyptians' chiseled into rock or painted on plastered walls the various peoples they encountered to realize how diverse things really were. For an example lets look at pages 36&37 of Tutankhamun by T.G.H. James. On these pages the boy pharaoh is shown trampling the enemies of Egypt, the Nubians and the sole Asiatic are distinctly different from Tutankhamun himself in skin coloration, eyes, and hair style. So once again we see a political faction attempting to rewrite the historical record to fit their ideological views, anyone remember how the USSR won World War II all by itself and did not need the United Kingdom or the United States; well if you were raised in the USSR that is what you were taught, pay no attention to all those empty Spam cans you found while on a Pioneer Hero Project harvesting wheat because the USSR lacked enough machinery to automate the task.

For further viewing pleasure, Dr. Kent Week's Theban Mapping Project web-site. Enjoy if you have the bandwidth.

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