Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Netherlands Nee!

Just over 60% of the Dutch citizens who went to the voting place today voted 'Nee!' to the proposed European Union Constitution[EUC]. Officals say this was the highest voter turnout in a long time, again over 60% turnout.

If I was a person who cared about reality and facts, I would call this resoudning no vote a mandate from the people of Holland. However the Dutch PM Balkenende has strapped himself to the for'castle and has vowed not to step down even though his politcal ship has been badly scuttled with this vote. Or perhaps he is titling at ideological windmills and these windmills have knocked him back. Some are calling this a vote of no-confidence and I must say, that is pretty obvious. Balkenende was practically doing handstands trying to sell this document and the citizens responded with a vehement 'Nee!' Dear PM Balkenende, listen to the people for once and instead of trying to tell them you know what is best for them, unless you want to find out how fast you end up unemployed.

Strange that per capita Holland was paying more to support the EU than say Germany or France. Such a tiny country shouldering such a huge burden while France and Germany were always breaking the existing treaty regulations in regards to trade and government owned debt. But then again Germany and France thought the EU was their little toy that could leverage them to greater influence on the world stage. And in less than a week the people of France and Holland have rejected the idea of a European Union as outlined in this ponderous [I have now heard of versions of this propsed constitution having 317, 484, and even one version that is supposed to contain every bit of the constitution weighs in at over 800 pages] document that these visionary elites produced.

Lets face it. This theoretical European Union is a chimera. A beast cobbled together from various other animals. This constitution was supposed to be the sutures that tied the various bits together into a 'cohesive' whole. Well the brains of the constitution[France] and the monetary heart of the union[Holland] have both been found to be rejecting the rest of the chimera's body. Will England and Poland also reject this constitution now? England may shelve even having a vote. So another part of the beast will have vanished. Poland is thinking of delaying their referendum vote even as their local 'vote no' activists mobilise to push for the scheduled October vote. Latvia's parliment is set to vote yes. Germany's parliment in near unaminity voted 'Ja!' for the constitution. Notice a pattern? Of the nine European states who have voted on this proposed constitution reveals only three have had popular plebecites; of the three only one [Spain] voted 'Si!' and that should tell people something.

The handwriting is on the wall and the European elites do not want to read it because it invalidates their lofty opinions of themselves knowing exactly what the people want. The EU chimera is suffering an auto-immune rejection of some of its parts because the people of Holland and France do not want this particular beast binding them to the rest of Europe via means they do not like.

A poster on LittleGreenFootballs summed it up best today after the Netherland vote. The United States was a country in search of a government. The European Union is a government in search of a country.

The future of Europe looks to be interesting.

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