Thursday, June 23, 2005

A fallen warrior returns home

July 3, 1966. While attacking enemy positions in Kien Giang Province, Republic of South VietNam; Capt. David Phillips Jr.'s F-5A Freedom Fighter was hit by enemy ground fire and crashed. Capt. Phillips could not eject and radio contact was lost. Heavy enemy fire prevented an immediate search for Capt. Phillips.

After four separate investigations for information on Capt. Phillips' fate, recovery teams finally found the crash location. During two excavations in 2003 and 2004, human remains, aircrew related artifacts, and personal effects were recovered. Later laboratory analysis confirmed the remains belonged to Capt. Phillips.

Capt. Phillips remains were turned over to his family in Savannah, GA. Burial service is scheduled for July 3.

Capt. Phillips, sir, welcome home. May you finally find peace now that you have been found and thank you for your sacrifice. For the others still missing we will keep the faith and find you. There are still 1,833 MIAs from VietNam alone

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