Friday, May 13, 2005

What a whiner

Karpinski still says it aint her fault.

By her attitude she proves how much of a non-leader she is. She seems well coached in her role of victim. Generals are not supposed to be victims. Gee Karpinski why were only you demoted? Maybe because the troops running the prisoners around with those magical dog leashes were under your direct command maybe? And why does the picture still show her with a star on her cap since she now barely qualifies for the eagle? I take that back she demeans the value of the eagles, heck she would devalue a single butter bar.

As for the dearth of blogging here. Work is crazy. So we shall see.


Myrtus said...

Of course it aint her fault, there is always somebody else to blame.

Take it easy girl, don't work too hard. Just give us a sign here and there so we know you're ok. (:

Anna said...

The reaction of the feminist movement coming out in defense of her is doing no one any favors. First they say treat us like the guys. But when one of their darlings screws up just as well as one of the guys, the message becomes its all about discrimination.

Sorry sister, but that dog does not hunt. Unless the feminist movement is willing to admit that maybe Karpinski was promoted to wearing a star because of her gender. Then perhaps it is about discrimination. But if the party line has been she got promoted because of her competence, then her demotion happens because of her incompetence.