Monday, May 16, 2005

News from another war front

Whomever said politics makes strange bedfellows never looked into what bed-fellows large copious amounts of money can produce. I have not seen a stranger partnership since Hitler and Stalin made kissy faces that lead to World War II and Poland being split between them.

What am I talking about? News article.
Bogota, Colombia — Leftist guerrillas, a far-right paramilitary group and a drug trafficking organization all had a stake in 15 tons of cocaine seized in southwest Colombia, the largest haul ever in this South American country, police said Saturday.

First off I must say congratulations to the Colombians. For two decades they have survived FARC and the drug cartels. The death toll according to an early 1990's CNN report was over 5000 Colombians killed by the drug cartels for daring to resist their bribes. And despite members of the US Congress who have tried to shut down American support of Colombia, the Colombians have never given up. This raid is a whopper, $400million street value. To put it in perspective, $400million could get you 6 F-16 fighters along with spares and pilots trained.

And look at the unholy alliance of who was trying to ship this deadly cargo. Para-military forces, FARC[now wholly owned security subsidiary of the cartel but one time communist insurgency group], and the cartel itself. Hopefully some useful information will be developed on this. There have to be records of who bought those speedboats and that property. There is always the added benefit of sowing distrust amongst the three groups as they wonder if one of the others, in a fit of ideology trumping simple greed, sold them out. So things may get a bit hot to boot amongst the criminals. And I am tickled pink it may come to pass, those who poison and destroy lives get no sympathy from me.

Viva Colombia!

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