Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Movie Cinema Rant

If you think I am going to release spoilers about the upcoming Stars Wars movie, you can relax as I shall not. Beisdes if anyone wants spoilers go read the book that came out before the movie.

What I do want to talk about does have a bearing on the aforementioned movie.

For you see dear readers, on Saturday after prodding from friends who said they were going to buy such tickets, I decided to purchase a ticket for the midnight showing so I could go with my friends. And there hangs my rant.

For I drove up to the cinema to purchase my ticket. I walked up to the ticket window and waited in line. Got up to the window and asked if they were selling tickets for the midnight showing of Star Wars. At first the young woman behind the glass said no, then she checked with someone else, and proceeded to sell me one ticket.

So I walked away happy after shelling out $7.50 for a ticket. On the ticket it reads: 12:01am Star Wars PG-13 Wed 5/18/05.

Well today my friends finally decide to try and purchase their tickets. Thats right the people who were going to buy their tickets Saturday like me had put it off. They also started to tell me the movie permiers on the 19th. I go look at my ticket again, it still reads Wed 5/18/05. I finally decided to call the cinema where I bought the ticket.

Once I got a real live human being on the phone, I asked when is the midnight showing of Star Wars. It was here I learned a scary revelation. I had always thought that people knew 12:01am was the start of another day. I seemed to have always known that. Well in the movie theatre industry, it is not so.

To be correct date wise my ticket should read 12:01am Thurs 5/19/05, but to avoid confusing people the cinema prints the wrong date because so many people think after midnight is still Wednesday night.

My mind is boggled. No wonder people fall victim to wacky cults, Nigerian scams, global warming, and all those infomercials on television for Viagra. Somewhere in the education process critical thinking went out the window. I sense a great disturbance in the Force.

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