Thursday, April 21, 2005

Karmic schadenfreude

Thanks Myrtus for this. Tell Jen!

Jane Fonda gets some comuppance!


My sides are hurting. This is what you get for prancing in a pith helmet while riding astride a North VietNamese AA gun for all the cameras Comrade Barbarella.


Myrtus said...

Will do!
LOLLLL you crack me up!

Rancher said...

Hey Lizard. Whoring around to let everyone know I have a Blog. I visit yours you visit mine? I trained as a truck driver with a Vietnam vet. When he got back he was a cop for a while. He was scheduled to be on a security detail for Hanoi Jane but when his supervisor found out he was yanked quick. His supervisor thought he might shoot her. He says he was right.

Anna said...

Myrtus, hey I just write what I think. Sometimes do get a good turn of phrase. :) And I like your artistic posts.

Rancher, welcome to the blogging addiction. Seems you have a good start. Mine is pretty erratic of late, catch as catch can.

I really want to dig into the current Sino-Japan dust-up. Also the woeful lack of Canadian military capability[no SAR choppers and no airlift]. Then trailers for 'Kingdom of Heaven' has caused me to pull out books on the Crusades which is tying into a possible case of an online Iman slanting history to make Islam look better than it is while saying it is against Qu'ran to mistreat wounded prisoners which in turns ties into that Islamic Army shooting down that Bulgarian Mi-8 and then shooting the wounded pilot on film. So got a lot of projects to tackle and seemingly not enough time. :)

Myrtus said...

HAHAHAHA Anna, you're just a non-stop walking talking sleeping thinking book in constant production, of all genres, that I just can't wait to see published and promoted to the bestseller list. Keep up the good work, my friend and thanks for the compliment. (:

Hi Rancher, I like your blog already...please don't stop. (: