Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tar&Feathering is too good

Found this over on Little Green Footballs, this being traitorous.

So it caused me to write the following. Pardon my grammer but I just let it run.

The agitator will caper and jeer those he calls foolish.He will deride their selflessness as being mindless automatons.

He will tell those who are thinking on joining the cause, how foolish they are for being so easily led astray.

While he screams at those who have joined the cause, cursing them and calling them baby-killers all the while knowing in that little black bean he calls a heart that if they were true baby-killers he would be dead where he
stood before he could finish that vile epitath.

But our brave agitator knows that here in the United States his channeling of a chimpanzee is protected by a flimsy piece of parchment written by DWEMs that is called the Constitution, which itself is protected by those
brave people he safely jeers and denigrates. But even as he hides behind it, he believes in it not for his is a purer vision.

But oh woe is the agitator when his dream is realized and that great enemy of the People called the United States is finally defeated and replaced by something more to what he thinks is his liking.

For on that day he will dare speak out loudly, proclaiming what he feels, as he cheers on from the sidelines those who did so humble this great nation. He will pat himself on the back telling these new leaders how he braved strong glares and stony silence in helping them in their cause for he helped spread that most vicious of poisons, the lie. All the while staying safely protected by all the things that he protested against.

The new leaders will listen attentively to what he boasts about and as he preens in their approval, several pairs of rough hands will grab him from behind, drag him away and of course he will scream that he is on their side, but
it will avail him not. For the new leaders know a snake when they see one and know what to do about it.

So the brave agitator who lived in a permissive bubble will die, at the hands of those he helped into power.

That is the fate of all traitors, to be betrayed by those he helped because he has proven how traitorous he is, so why should anyone trust him in return?

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Van Helsing said...

These "counter-recruiters" are truly disgusting. No one expects moonbats to pull their own weight, but if they could just refrain from actively assisting our enemies in any way possible, it would be easier to stop wishing on them the sort of horrors they wish on us all. But at least the USA Today article was good for a laugh:

"In the San Francisco area, members of a group called the Raging Grannies dress up in flamboyant old-lady attire (big hats, long, flowered dresses) and visit high schools. They offer a selection of political buttons and make their pitch while students are choosing. Sometimes the Grannies sing peace songs and dance."

Yeah, a scene like this is really going to dissuade someone who wants to join the Marines.

Van Helsing