Thursday, March 31, 2005

Murdering scum

Akbar scuffles with MPs. Akbar 0, MPs 1.

Former soldier Akbar while being taken to the courtroom decided to scuffle with the Military Police. He lost though injuring one the escorting soldiers.

For those who have forgotten. To flesh out what the story relates as the charges. SGT Akbar rolled two grenades into a 101st Airborne Tactical Operations Center[TOC] in Kuwait just after the start of ground combat in Iraq. He killed two men and injured another 14.

It has taken two years to get to this point where Akbar is going to trial. According to Fox News it seems Akbar's lawyer is trying the insanity defense or diminshed mental capaicty. Hey ambulance chaser, put a sock in it; to do what Akbar did: steal two grenades and deliberately toss them into a TOC full of his fellow soldiers proves he is insane. I just do not believe we should go lenient on someone who easily kills his fellow soldiers.

I wonder if at Leavenworth they can bunk him with Pedro[Hey look I am not shipping out because its a big bad warship. So there! Nyah! Oh wait, the Navy is charging me with missing movement? Waaahhh!!!] and that other loser Hinzman[Let me flee to Canada and try to become a refugee since I think those nasty Americans will punish me for breaking my word].

Now Akbar needs the Pvt. Slovak treatment. Lined up against a wall and shot.

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