Saturday, March 05, 2005

March 7, 1945 Remagen

The History Channel is running a show on the events of March, 1945. Covering the American Army taking the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen.

This caused me to dig out Ken Hechler's book called The Bridge at Remagen. And then I decided to start some online searching to see if he was still alive. Apparently Mr. Hechler is still alive and active in politics. What an amazing person from college professor to Combat Historian just miles from Remagen when it was captured by the Americans to political assistant to President Truman, back to acadamia, then the West Virginia House, followed by being WVA Secretary of State, and serving in the US House of Representatives. Now running for Secretary of State for WVA again.

What an amazing man who has lived through extraordinary times. He is an example of what makes the United States unique and wonderful. Scholar, soldier, politician, and most of all citizen.

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