Thursday, March 24, 2005

He's a deserter Jim

Refugee status denied

Some good news from north of the border. Canadian court has decided that U.S. Army deserter Hinzman is not a refugee.

Poor widdle lilly-livered coward, his outrageous justification for his deserting has fallen flat. Way to go Heinzman. Lets see what you get for running away, one to five years in prison and a dishonorable discharge from the military. Luckily for you, the Pvt. Slovak fate does not await you. But a lifetime of being a pariah does. Now that I think is cruel and unusual punishment that fits the crime.

Karl Timmerman grew up under such a cloud. His father after the end of WWI one day went AWOL. He turned up a few days later married to a German. The US Army was not happy, but Timmerman did go home with his war bride and Karl was their first born. He grew up in that small town always knowing the people there thought his father a deserter. This opinion did not even change after Lt. Karl Timmerman lead the first American soldiers across the Rhein at Remagen in WWII. Even long after Karl's death no one in his home town cared about him or his one momentous day.

Hinzman ought to think of the legacy he is bestowing upon his children with his act of cowardice, but he wont since all he was thinking about was saving his own skin. Those children just may have to walk in the footsteps of Karl Timmerman because of their father.

*Update* Corrected spelling of Hinzman, guess was confusing him with heinous or something.


NDwalters said...

Nice rant, Anna. This fool needs a shooting.... But wait, some libbypuke will make a book out of this kid. Kid? Puh-lease.

Anna said...

Thanks. I rant to please. Yes shooting would be nice. Hinzman was not coerced into the military. He volunteered. And he broke his word by running. To the 9th circle of Heck for you Hinzman.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anna, I found your address while lookingfor history on Karl
Timmerman who died of Cancer in 1951 according to an old book
called THE BRIDGE AT REMAGEN. I'dlike to know more about
this hero who was the first American officer across the Rhine River as the U.S. army fought its way into Germany in March 1945.Any leads would be appreciated. I use to live in Koblenz
about 40km south of Remagen. Regards Russ Carpenter,
ruscarp@sbcglobal.net July 3,2005