Saturday, January 01, 2005

Well this is better

Catholic World News let a bad translation slip into publication. The following link is their correction. Thank you CWN for having integrity.


Too bad the UN lacks such a thing as integrity. While such things as 17,000 blankets dribble into Sri Lanka from the UN, the UN is going to have a meeting on 11 January 2005 to discuss what needs to be done to help the victims of the tsunami. Think about that, over two weeks after the earthquake and tsunami the UN is going to discuss in a formal setting what is to be done. Meanwhile all the countries impacted like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Thailand are facing massive outbreaks of dysentary and cholera while trying to get a handle on the true death toll and assisting the injured.

An old Roman adage was 'While Nero fiddled, Rome burned' I think a new one needs to be coined 'While the UN met, millions died.'

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