Saturday, January 29, 2005

RINO sighting in New Hampshire

"Live Free or Die" is the state motto of New Hampshire. Some are attempting to put it on the state flag now.

Naturally there are some who oppose it. Rep. Judson Dexter is one of them. Rep. Dexter says putting that motto is 'stating a political position.' Oh really, how many years of college did it take you to realize that? That motto is one of the most succint out there on why the United States rebelled against Britain and created the country it presently is. So it should be a no brainer it is making a statement. I wonder what Rep. Dexter thinks is an appropriate motto for the Granite State in lieu of "Live Free or Die?" Perhaps ala Francais "Please don't hurt me?" or "Yes my master!" or could it be "Well since you don't like us, let us change even though you are a blood-thirsty murderer."

Rep. Judson Dexter needs to be voted out of office because he is too much the perfect politician and not a statesmen. The differance between the two: a politician will say anything to stay elected and not offend more than 45% of the voters while a statesman declares what his ideas are and is willing to accept defeat if those views are unpopular.

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Anonymous said...

Are they going to take "Live free or die" off the license plates? Maybe they should strike up a more moderate position that everyone could agree on, like "Live free as circumstances make convenient."

Van Helsing