Friday, January 14, 2005

A political shakedown


I am still reading through this article. As I go further down it, the more I find to be shocked at.

Reminds me of the Little Italys or Chinatowns scattered about. Someone wants to open a business and first tries to resist assistance from the less fashionable and upright elements; but after being battered about and meeting no success, the person does accept the 'assistance.' And from that point on, they are 'owned' by these elements.

Case in point:
Gregoire should not expect a honeymoon. And if she's smart she'll be consulting with, not alienating, those who defended her right to be governor," said Bill Moyer.

I read this as being, we paid to get you elected so now you have to follow our advice.

Groups that contributed to paying for the recount that got Gregoire sworn in include: MoveOn.org, the Democratic National Committee, John F. Kerry, and Howard Dean. That is a lot of debt to owe.

Further down in the article the 'progressives' relate how Gregoire could have had their vote if she had supported gay marriage from the start. Good gosh, talk about a one note chorus. Did these folks look beyond their own noses to see if perhaps in other areas Gregoire and them might have shared similar views? So instead 500 write-in votes in King County [three times more than what got Gregoire the victory] threw their support to Ron Sims.

Minchew said Gregoire "ducked the questions" about tax reform and gay marriage; liberal voters weren't "inclined to reward someone who makes careful political calculations," he said.

So if I am reading this correctly, liberal voters want as a politician someone who runs around making all kinds of announcements at the drop of a hat without due consideration of the consequences of those announcements. Sounds like the qualifications for a deranged Robespierre, not a statesman.

But in the final moments when it looked like Rossi would become governor, the machinery of the far left Democrats nationwide swung into high gear to contest the close election for a candidate they did not really like, just as an anodyne to Kerry losing to Bush. And with this assistance, with the grasping at one last straw for victory; has come the requests, the strings one could say from these Johnny come lately groups.

"I think she needs to remember that progressives came through for her in her hour of need, and they will want to be acknowledged in her administration and policy guidance," Minchew said.

And then this from same person:
Minchew doesn't think this means Gregoire will become a liberal lion. He recognizes that she has to balance a lot of issues and interest groups and represent the entire state.

So Michnew is saying the same thing as Moyer did, we gave now she has to give back. The second statement from Michnew where is the quote? Why is it written as such, perhaps the writer was paraphrasing? If he did paraphrase, then why include it unless he was trying to counter-balance the first quote? I am puzzled by this.

And Bill Moyer's last bit about paper trails for electronic votes, give it a rest. It's the Diebold canard trotted out again. Just because Democrats try to stuff ballot boxes [Daley Machine in Chicago and Lyndon Johnson in 1948 winning his Senate seat by a stuffed ballot box to name two] does not automatically mean others do it also. This is called projection, projecting a habit of yours onto another person when that person has not exhibited that habit. The truth of the Washington State elections could have been far easier if the election boards had done something that had been recommended in 2003, it was recommended to them to color-code the ballots to prevent the accidental counting of provisional ballots; that one action would have prevented at least 300 provisional ballots from being counted before verification in King County alone. Since Rossi had won by 42 votes before the final recount and Gregoire won after by 128 votes, those 300 I think will become known as the critical votes. The 300 votes that decided an election. And if this election stands, then that would indeed be a sad commentary on the will of the people being thwarted by election board incompetence.

In summary, the only people who are to blame for this squeaker are the old guard far left Democrats who have refused to adapt to changing times. And when they realised they were going down in defeat they fell back on an old tactic. Keep recounting until the results matched their expectations. Thus in Washington State I expect more moderate democrats to ask themselves why are they even in such a party, a party that is such a sore loser that they will stoop to any tactic as long as it garners a win for them. Now who is an oligarchy again?

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