Thursday, January 06, 2005

John Kerry in Iraq

While the Democratic Party was in Washington DC trying to contest the Electoral College votes of Ohio, nevermind the 31 EVs for a John L. Kerry from New York, the former Presidential candidate went on a jaunt to Iraq. So he was MIA in the Senate when they voted down Sen. Boxer[D-CA]'s challenge to the Electoral College votes by a margin of 74 to 1[Boxer].

But this did not keep Senator John Kerry out of the media spotlight as he probably hoped while he tried to quietly undermine morale of the soldiers in Iraq. For you see he criticised President Bush's strategy in Iraq in front of soldiers by using such unambiguous language as: "horrendous judgments" and "unbelievable blunders" that for once leaves no doubt where Senator Kerry stands in his opinions.

Dear Senator John F. Kerry[D-MA] never let it be known otherwise; no matter the media event you will find a way of sticking both feet into your mouth. You sir have the incredible knack of being able to snatch defeat from the mouth of victory. Please keep at it.

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Umpire said...

Sorry Anna, you are way off base. Liberals believe that we should go to war when we are right and fight it to win. The facts have emerged to prove that this war has been badly mismanaged by an administration hostile to truth and open communication. Just look at how they tried to tar the soldier who dared to ask about armor for his vehicles so that he wouldn't come home in a box. The higher ups are cowardly and decietful.

Don Rumsfeld is the one who doesn't care about the troops. George Bush is the one who ordered them into Fallujah in April and then got weak knees because of his reelection and retreated, leaving the town in the hands of Zarqawi who proceeded to behead 22 people. George Bush is a weakling who pretends he is strong, just like Stalin and Hitler, who were both short men of slight build obsessed with power. He is ill bred, and it shows in the way he treats the people who fight and die for his mistakes.

That is treason. That is shame. John Kerry, fortunately, is a strong man with strong morals who is unafraid of those who hide behind the flag when they feel threatened. The talks the talk and walks the walk when it comes to being an American. That's the true test.