Saturday, January 01, 2005

And it is still fishy

King County, Washington state. Voter rolls versus actual votes and there is a 3500+ voter discrepancy. 3500+ more people voted than there are people listed on the voter rolls King County just released.

Lyndon Johnson got the nickname 'Landslide' for winning by 87 votes against Coke Stevenson in 1948 while running for the Senate. On July 30, 1977 Luis Salas, election judge in Alice, admitted that he and George Parr had rigged the election for Johnson.

And the really fishy thing out of King County, WA is that four times the election officials canvassed for ballots uncounted and four times found more uncounted ballots. And the recount as I mentioned before that finally made Gregoire the winner was done by the state Democratic Party. Not only does finding four boxes of uncounted ballots call into question the election board's competence to actually run anything, but to have the, at the time, losing party conduct a recount smacks of one of the completely fair and honest elections that happened in the USSR and its client states.

Washington state, your government is probably being stolen from you. I would start making very loud noises that you want your voices and votes heard. Even if it costs more money, demand a new election because this election is just too suspicious to be considered valid. Washington citizens need to know the process for electing people to office is not rigged.


P.S. Happy New Year!

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