Monday, November 29, 2004

Hark there is light!

What am I talking about? Well cruise to this URL off of Yahoo! and read.


The misinterpretation of the NATO charter will continue, but the US involvement has now shrunk to just one hundred soldiers. Nine years after President William Jefferson Clinton deployed US forces to the Balkans region to enforce the Dayton Peace Plan, the Task Force Eagle has folded its flag and is leaving Bosnia. A mission that was supposed to last a year, instead lasted for nine long years.

And has the NATO mission accomplished anything? Not really. Serbs are still burning mosques and the Muslims are attacking Orthodox churches. Oh can not forget this: Kosovo is historically a Serb enclave, dare you to ask a Serb how he feels about giving up a battlefield where thousands of Serbs died resisting the Islamic onslaught that occurred after the fall of Constantinople. Dayton handed it over to ethnic Albanian Muslims. Some justice there don't you think? Once NATO does finally pull out, I expect all sides to resume the little civil war that has been going on in that troubled region for the past 1500 years.

Once again, as in Haiti, President Clinton's legacy will be transitory and tragic for those whom he imposed a Pax Americana fiat.

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