Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How Nixonian....

It seems Bob Woodward, the writer who helped Deep Throat stab President Nixon in the back, has gotten involved in his own coverup.

Bob Woodward kept to himself information vital to the investigation of that vexing question that has haunted the nation's capitol while providing Megabytes of copy, who outed Valerie Plame? All because he feared being subpoenaed by Fitzgerald.

Now he has apologized for not telling his editors that a month prior to Novak revealing that Ms. Plame worked at the CIA someone had already told him.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that everyone from the Cuban Secret Police to Bob Woodward knew Valerie Plame was an agent for the CIA, but no one told Robert Novak until after he published her name in relation to the Niger yellowcake story.

For two years while Fitzgerald bumbled around looking for who told, Bob Woodward was doing a better job of keeping secrets than the CIA. And suddenly for those seeking to oust President Bush and his advisor Karl Rove, getting that Scooter action figure in their stocking that so overjoyed them may prove as illusory as Ms. Plame's covert status.

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